PWER PICKS: Some gems to pick up this Bandcamp Friday

For those of you up to date with music bits this year you'll know Bandcamp have been doing 'Bandcamp Friday' where they dont take any fees and all the money, therefore, goes to the artists & labels releasing the music!
Here's a selection of our tips to pick up this week from the Pwer Festival line up


We're so excitied to have PETSEMETARY playing Pwer next year. They've only released one track... until today! We love the track and highly recommend buying it off the lovely folks at Beth Shalom Records

CLT DRP - Without Eyes (Remix Edition)

Whilst this isn't out till next Friday you can preorder it right now! We love CLT DRP's debut album so so so MUCH! The remix edition is shaping up to be a real doozy too, check it out
You can also check out an interview with Annie from CLT DRP over on the SBR sponsored Noizze Podcast HERE

Delaire The Liar - Lucky (The Cost Of It All)/Humour (In Fours)

Released back in June this is a cracker from our Tiny Rebel Stage headliners Delaire, The Liar. All sales from this release are being donated to Exist Loudly UK, supporting black queer youth in London

Bitch Falcon - Staring At Clocks

The debut album from Bitch Falcon is out TODAY! You'd be a fool to miss it, it's absolutely brilliant. Grab it today to make sure all your money goes to those who made it happen!

Nighlives - Under The Radar (ZAVI Remix)

A new one from our lovely Nightlives boys - remixed by brilliant multi-genre DJ ZAVI from Bristol. Another one that's out next week but you can buy it now fee free!

You can grab your Pwer Festival tickets now HERE